“It’s a marathon, not a sprint…. think Tortoise & The Hare”Jason

Game-A-Thon Survival Guide

The Days Before Game-A-Thon

Get as much sleep ahead of time as possible in the nights leading up to the event.
According to some study done somewhere, extended sleep (nine or 10 hours) for six days leading up to sleep deprivation also reduces negative effects. If you need to nap before the event you should opt for shorter naps, 20 mins or so will allow you not to sleep so deeply avoiding grogginess when you wake.

Jason sleeping with his eyes open or possibly crying

“Bring a variety of games to play so that you don’t get burnt out. I usually bring my Playstation with a few games so that I can alternate between PC games and console games.”Jesse

The Day of the Game-A-Thon

Keep the Lights On

If it’s dark you’ll want to sleep, so open the blinds during the day and see what that fancy switch on the wall does.

Stay Cool

Keeping the room at a slightly cooler temperature is best.

Less Sugar | More Carbs

Try complex carbs like breads to fuel your body through the night, soda’s are a bad idea because what goes up must come down.

Don’t Over Do the Coffee

Just like with a sugar crash you can also have a caffeine crash, it’s better to stay well hydrated. Drink ALL the water!

Get Up and Move!

Take long walks on beach if you can but getting up and pacing frantically will suffice. Keeping active will help you stay awake, in other news the sky is blue!

Games to Play

There will be favorites like Super Smash Bro’s, Counterstrike and Card Against Humanity but feel free to bring some of your favorites from home to share with everyone! Some Geeks will even be participating in events; Mitch will be speed testing Hotline Miami, Micah and Derek are streaming Overwatch matches and there may even be a Magic Berry Taste Test challenge!
Card games, board games and any like it are highly recommended!
Cards Against Humanity, Magic the Gathering and Bohnanza are few company favs but there maybe be throw back classics like Monopoly and Poker in the mix.

Here’s a list of the Games already on the play list:

  • Rocket League
  • Super Smash Brothers
  • Counterstrike
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Fallout
  • Minecraft
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Magic Berries Taste Test
  • Poker
  • Bohnanza
  • Stay on the Longboard
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Diablo 3
  • Chess
  • Settlers Of Catan
  • Nomec
  • Secret Hitler
  • Joking Hazard
  • One Hit Kill
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Werewolf
  • King of Tokyo
  • Pie Face (for when we get sleepy)
  • Monopoly
  • Forbidden Desert
  • Pandemic
  • Bonanza
  • Bang!
  • Dead Of Winter
  • Boss Monster
  • Overwatch